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Echo 71 - the Diary Series

Sound Intervention


Hamburgerbahnhof, Berlin



Echo 71 - the Diary Series are three installations/performances which happened during the exhibition ‘Black Mountain. An Interdisciplinary Experiment 1933 - 1957’. The diaries of Jean Charlot, which were written in 1944 in Black Mountain College, were transcribed into sound. Using the existed objects in the space in three different ways, I re-implanted the three diaries on the exact same date of when they were written, only after 71 years, in a space that was meant to recall the Black Mountain College.


Diary 04.August


The sound of an old type machine to typing out the dairy of the day was being recorded. Letters to letters, words to words, sentences to sentences are being transcribed into rhythms, preserves the time that has gone by. The sound was being placed in a data box that belongs to the interior of the main exhibition.


Diary 08.August


A sound performance of type machine 


Diary 09.August


After typing out the dairy with the type machine and recording the sound, I played back and recorded it again with a tape machine for 71 times in the exhibition space, and hid the result in one of the data box of the exhibition to play out. 

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