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From Tomorrow On, I Will     foley, sound design

fiction by Ivan Marković & Wu Linfeng

60 min, Serbia/ China/ Germany

* 69th Berlinale Forum 

The Sculpture    recording, sound design, music, mixing 

video by Musquiqui Chiying

20 min, Germany

* 2020 International Film Festival Rotterdam Bright Future Short

Ohne Zwei     sound design

video in dance theater piece by Jasmine Fan

10 min + 5 min, Germany/ Taiwan

Vogue Film | Once Upon a Night    sound design  

fiction by Maizi

17 min, China

Selected works

The Museum F     recording, sound design, music

video by Musquiqui Chiying

?? min, Germany

(work in progress)


Lemon Project 3     sounddesign, foley

video by He Xiang Yu

20 min, Germany

Perghuzat     recording  

fiction by Pierluigi Muscolino

30 min, Katzbach Film Production, Germany/Italy

The Guestbook     recording, foley, sound design   

2 channel video/ installation by Musquiqui Chiying & Gregor Kasper

20 min in loop, Germany

REVOLVO     recording   

fiction by Francy Fabritz

10-14 min, Germany

Cafe Togo     recording, foley, sound design, music

2 channel video by Musquiqui Chiying

19 min in loop, Germany

* 68th Berlinale Forum Expanded

FREIZEIT (AT)     recording

fiction by Caroline Pitzen

60min, Germany

Lemon Project 4     recording

video by He Xiang Yu

15 min, Germany


HOUR HOUR     sound design, mixing

4 channel video by Liang-Hsuan Chen

24 min in loop, Taiwan

* Taipei Art Awards 2017 - Honorable Mention

Industrie und Glück     recording

Radio play by Anna Zett

54 min, Germany

Versprechen     sound design, foley

fiction by Dingding Jiang

XX min, Germany

Stuck     recording

Fiction by Francesco Garbo

15 min, Katzbach Film Production, Germany/Italy

* Cannes short film corner 2018
* Movievalley Bazzacinema International short film festival 2018 


4 Inseln     recording 

Fiction by Phillip Fröhlich
31 min, Germany


Pass     sound design, foley, recording 

Fiction by Dingding Jiang
19 min, Germany


Vorbereitung     recording 

Fiction by Kristof Takal
83 min, Germany


Couch Potato and the Window     sound design, foley, recording, mixing

Stop Animation by Hsin-Jing Lin
12 min, Taiwan


Dionysos, Mother and Me...     sound design, recording, foley, mixing, producer

Fiction by Lim Chong-Hui
30 min, Taiwan

* 17th Festival Brasileiro de Cinema Universitário, Rio, Brazil, 2012  - Award: Artistic Contribution    

* 2011 Kaohsiung Film Festival, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
* 2011 Urban Nomad Film Festival, Taipei, Taiwan


Russian Soup     sound design, foley, recording, mixing

Fiction by Lim Chong-Hui
17 min, Taiwan

* 2010 Urban Nomad Film Festival, Taipei, Taiwan

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